For serious vegetable growers who are ready to build a CSA with impact.


Your Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a CSA Up and Running in 60 Days... the RIGHT way!


Walk away knowing EXACTLY how to build and optimize ALL the systems you need to start and scale a CSA into a profitable enterprise that serves as your farm’s financial anchor for years to come.

Does starting a CSA farm feel overwhelming?

If so, that's completely normal. Every would-be CSA farmer begins their journey with a lot of questions. Here are just a few of them....

  • You've heard that running a CSA is HARD. What exactly is involved before you make this step?
  • You're wondering if you have the growing experience it takes to fill a box of veggies every week. What if you screw something up and can't meet your commitments?
  • It feels like there is so much to learn. You find yourself spending precious time Googling "how to start a CSA," and wading through YouTube and farmer Facebook groups, trying to piece together a roadmap. But you're not sure you've got it all. What if you're missing something important?
  • You want to start a CSA, and you know you'll probably make some mistakes along the way. What do you need to watch out for?
  • Is the CSA model profitable? How long does it take to get there? And is it true that it can become a foundational revenue stream you can count on?
  • You wish someone would show you the ropes and break it all down piece by piece with everything you need in ONE place -- so you can feel confident that you're on the right track.

We've all been here. You're not alone....

What if I told you I created a


that was designed to give you the most important information you need to build your CSA the right way as quickly as possible (without having to do ALL the research yourself), and led by two experienced CSA farmers who can teach you the ropes and reassure you that you're doing it right.


Hi, my name is Corinna Bench.

In 2020, during the early onset of the COVID pandemic, while other farm businesses were trying to keep it together, our farm was able to easily navigate the volatile market without a lot of financial stress — thanks to the CSA customers who stood firmly beside us. Not one of our 400 members broke rank, and the next year 95% of them renewed for 2022.

That's when I realized I had created something special and lasting with my CSA. I was uniquely positioned to help other farmers learn this powerful framework.

I also noticed that many farmers were jumping into CSA too fast, without knowing what it takes to sustain one into the future.

Here' the thing: great CSA's don't "just happen."

They are forged on a strong, reliable foundation that includes multiple, scaleable CSA systems -- as well as a fool-proof production plan.

There are so many pitfalls that can hit you mid-season if you don’t know what you’re doing. I know, because I fell into almost all of them.

That’s why I've partnered with Lauren Rudersdorf to create this course. We will guide you through your CSA startup process, steer you away from common rookie mistakes, and set your CSA up for success the right way ~ so it can be your financial anchor for years to come.

Resilience is possible. Join us.


Master the framework, strategies, and techniques used by seasoned CSA farmers


The CSA Quickstart Course

A comprehensive, 60-day program that teaches you the framework for a successful CSA that can scale.

The only vegetable CSA program of its kind.

This course will change you from a confused, uncertain rookie CSA farmer to the confident, "ready-for-anything" farmer who knows exactly how to make CSA profitable for the long haul.

Here's what you get when you enroll:

CSA Quickstart Course
  • Five essential video training modules that teach you all the systems needed to set up a long-term, thriving CSA enterprise that can scale over time! We worked hard to keep these short and succint! Pick and choose from the comprehensive menu of topics to meet your needs. They are ready to binge-watch right away!
  • +Done-for-You Spreadsheets, Templates, Swipe Files, Exercises, and Examples for each section of your training to shortcut your creation process. Use them as a starting point to customize for your farm.
  • +Printable CSA Quickstart Workbook to help you work through exercises after each lesson and customize the content for YOUR style CSA.
  • Lauren's CSA Box Planning Spreadsheet to help you map out your weekly boxes before you start seeding, to make sure they are well-rounded and full of customer value.
  • +Access to private Facebook Group of current Quickstart students and program alumni for additional support so you can ask other farmers your questions and see what they have done.
  • +Lifetime access to all course updates, additions, and future course launches.
  • Email support from your instructors. We know questions come up. For quick answers, we offer this option to clarify and coach you through your obstacles.
  • Access to one-on-one Coaching Calls with Lauren and Corinna to troubleshoot your specific CSA questions and help you get results faster (for an additional fee).
  • Confidence that you're on the right track, you've covered all your bases, and you're setting up the processes so they can perform consistently.

Imagine these results for your CSA...


"This course is what helped my husband and me take the leap and transition away from farmer's markets altogether and make our CSA the heart of our farm.  [Quickstart] benefited us in our planning and CSA progression, but we also benefited from your encouragement. Your course helped us to not only survive during this year, but build our farm business bigger and stronger."

-Stacey Thompson, Our Fiddlehead Farm



"This course has changed my life. [We went] from $0 to around $3-5k gross sales a week [in our CSA]. It has saved our business. If you work the plan, it will work for you!"

-Isaac Frerichs, Urban Veg


We've organized the content into 5 key sections to master, including...

Module1 Quickstart




We start by setting the foundation and helping you think through the most important decisions that will shape your production plan and CSA execution. In this module, we cover:

  • How to choose the best CSA style to align with your farm's workflow & unique customer base.
  • Your box size, season length, as well as your harvest timing, delivery dates and pick-up location (so it fits into your workflow).
  • Whether to offer home delivery.
  • How to build a compelling (and clear) CSA offer that makes your clients say YES. (Plus how to price it).
  • Policies you should put in place so you clarify your expectations for customers up front and avoid awkward encounters later.
  • How to choose your CSA sign-up platform & payment process.
  • What information to include in your simple onboarding process to welcome your new clients into the CSA family.
Module2 Quickstart




Now that you know what style of CSA you want to run and how many weeks you'll be delivering, it's time to plan for production. This is the area so many rookie farmers mess up. You'll learn WHAT to plant, how MUCH to plant, and WHEN to plant so you never have to stress out about filling the box. In this module, we cover:

  • How to decide what and how much to grow for your CSA box plan so your customers stay happy.
  • How to set up your spreadsheets for succession plantings to make sure you always have enough product.
  • Lauren's Box Planning Spreadsheet Template to give you a starting point for mapping out your boxes to deliver incredible value to your clients.
  • How to develop a field planning spreadsheet to keep your crops organized and on schedule.
  • How to know how much seed to buy
  • How to structure your planting schedule
  • How to forecast accurate yields and account for crop failures so you always have options.
Module 3 Quickstart




With your production plan in motion, we turn our eyes to organizing your harvest day and pack day flows. A CSA is nothing without high quality produce, and getting such a diverse number of products from field to CSA box in a way that maintains superior quality can be tricky. In this module, we'll share our processes that create a "wow" box every week, including:

  • How to organize your harvest plan and goals so you make the most of your team on harvest day.
  • The harvest tools every CSA farmer should start out with, and what tools to invest in as you scale.
  • Our recommended resource and tools list, including links to our favorite CSA guide-books, CSA box containers, washing tools, and harvest bins.
  • Everything you need to know about CSA pack day, including how to set up your pack line so your product looks fresh and beautiful when your customer opens the box.
  • How to design your wash and pack area for optimal workflow -- even if you don't have a deluxe packing shed.
Quickstart Module 4




Now that you've got a beautifully packed box, how do we get the box to the customer? Don't overlook this! The moment when we pass the product to the client is full of potential. How can you make the most of this opportunity to impress? In this module, we cover:

  • The difference between staffed versus unstaffed pickup sites and how to set them up.
  • How to design your pickup site layout for optimal flow, no matter what style CSA you choose.
  • What to look for in a great CSA site-host, and how to train them so they provide A+ customer service.
  • Our valuable checklist of "what to bring to the CSA pickup site" so you don't leave anything behind.
  • How to design your customer site checklist with the right information so your site host knows exactly what everyone gets at pickup. (We even include Corinna's template).
  • Everything you need to know about delivery, including picking the right delivery vehicles, what to pack, handling delivery delays, home delivery, and options for handling unclaimed boxes.
Quickstart Module5




CSA has a learning curve, not only for you, but also for your customers. Providing your customers with a clear communication and onboarding process is critical for long-term CSA retention. The systems you put in place manage customer expectations and help them overcome common roadblocks. In this module, we cover:

  • The information you should share with your CSA members in the weeks BEFORE your CSA begins so they feel ready and excited for the first week's box.
  • What to include in your CSA Handbook and weekly newsletters.
  • The essential skills to teach your first-year CSA members in the early weeks so they experience success faster.
  • Everything you need to know about designing and executing an engaging CSA member event to build a deeper connection to your customers.
  • Common CSA customer service issues you may encounter and how to handle them.
templates and swipe file quickstart


We know that TIME is your most precious asset. So instead of asking you to spend hours trying to build spreadsheets, templates, emails and handbooks from scratch (that may end up being full of mistakes and omissions ), we're sharing our own CSA files, documents, and templates to give you a starting point and strong foundation. Feel free to customize these to your operation. This all comes standard with your CSA Quickstart enrollment.

  • Lauren's Field Planning, Seed Order, and Seeding Chart spreadsheet templates
  • A finished CSA Handbook to use as an example.
  • Weekly newsletter templates and content ideas
  • Pre-season customer onboarding emails.
  • Site host job descriptions and training agendas.
  • Packing shed and pick-up site layouts
  • Customer pick-up checklist
  • Recommended Resource List of our favorite CSA tools
  • CSA site pack checklist
  • AND, our printable Quickstart Workbook to help you work through exercises after each lesson and customize the content for YOUR style CSA.
box planner


CSA Box Planning Spreadsheet

THIS IS PURE GOLD. Make sure you're planting enough of the right stuff! CSA Quickstart includes Lauren's box planning spreadsheet template, so you can plan out what goes in the box each week AND quickly evaluate its estimated worth.

This tool will help you know where each crop goes in the field, when to plant in the greenhouse, and how to time everything so you never run out of product for the CSA box. This template was created from YEARS of experience, and serves as a great baseline for a new CSA farmer. It will help you avoid many seasons of planting mistakes! So incredibly valuable.




The 5 main modules of CSA Quickstart will completely supercharge the way you approach your CSA start-up. But that's simply the start of your journey. When you join CSA Quickstart by the deadline, you also get 2 VALUABLE bonuses to make your progress even faster. These tools will simplify several key elements of your journey, starting with...

CSA Marketing Toolkit


CSA Marketing Toolkit

$100 Value

Not sure where to find those first founding members? This is one of the first obstacles that stops many would-be CSA farmers in their tracks.

Getting the right people on the CSA bus is critical to building your CSA referral engine and finding new clients in seasons to come.

That's why we've curated a selection of short video trainings that teach you the most important marketing elements to build that will insure you can attract and convert a consistent pipeline of new CSA clients year after year without stress.

From CSA lead magnets, to brochures, to website sales page copywriting -- we'll show you how to sell the CSA product.

CSA Bonus Add On Shares Training


Training: The Beginner's Guide to CSA Add-On Shares

$100 Value

One of the fastest ways to grow your revenue is to offer MORE things to your CSA clients. But be careful! Make sure you're smart about setting this up, or you end up with a big headache. In this training, you'll learn:

  • what types of add-on shares you could include in your product suite
  • the pro's and con's of add-on shares and what to watch out for
  • how to find the best affiliate partners & pitch them
  • how much to charge to make sure you're making a profit
  • a sample affiliate contract to help you set up clear partnership parameters

CSA Quickstart comes with a Money Back Guarantee.


See what Quickstart students appreciate most about the program...



"A checklist of all the necessary things to get a CSA online! This course has great details, descriptions, options and scenarios as well as templates to help guide you along the way of setting up your CSA program.  I'm a seasoned farmer that has run a CSA in the past, and I found this course to be a great guide so nothing important was forgotten and it gave confidence that our members were getting the very best I could organize for them.  If you are starting from scratch this course is amazing; it's also a great resource if you want to up your game and refresh your standing CSA program. "

-Aeros Lillstrom, Who Cooks for You Farm

Andrew Mattimoe Testimonial


"The QuickStart class allowed us to start our CSA last year! I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. I might've tried, but it wouldn't have been good. Thanks for offering it! This kind of information sharing and learning opportunities don't exist in most industries when you want to start from scratch."

-Andrew Mattimoe, Next Door Farm



"The CSA Quickstart Course is a really concise and informative course to take the mystery out of starting your CSA. I was able to learn from and connect with other farmers. The Facebook group is an invaluable tool and great place to bounce ideas off each other and get direct advice and support."

-Colby Yeager, Noble Farms North

OK, Let's RECAP!

When you join CSA Quickstart by the enrollment deadline, you'll receive instant access to everything you need to build a CSA you can be proud of, including...

CSA Quickstart Course
  • Five essential training modules that teach you all the systems needed to set up a long-term, thriving CSA enterprise that can scale over time!
  • Spreadsheets, Templates, Exercises, and Worksheets for each section of the training to help you internalize the material and build the systems you need to succeed.
  • Access to private Facebook group of current Quickstart students and program alumni for additional support so you can ask other farmers your questions and see what they have done.
  • Printable CSA Quickstart Workbook to help you work through exercises after each lesson and customize the content for YOUR style CSA.
  • Lauren's CSA Box Planning Spreadsheet to help you map out your weekly boxes before you start seeding, to make sure they are well-rounded and full of customer value.
  • BONUS #1 Video training: Beginner's Guide to CSA Add-On Shares. Our latest training to help you jazz up your product suite, attract more clients and make more money!
  • BONUS #2 CSA Marketing Toolkit. This is often a sticking point for new CSA farmers. We share the specific marketing elements you'll need to build to get your CSA consistently filled with clients.
  • Lifetime access to all course updates. You can go through the class again and again, and take advantage of any future updates!
  • Email support from your course instructors, as well as an opportunity to receive private coaching (for an additional fee)
  • A 30 day Money Back Guarantee, so you can get inside and see if it's got what you're looking for.


Normally the basic CSA Quickstart course is offered (without any bonuses) for $499. But if you enroll by the deadline below, you'll receive the entire basic CSA Quickstart course PLUS the two extra bonuses for $399. There's also a payment plan option.


Payment Option #1


$499 $399

Payment Option #2


$175 $135

Questions You May Be Asking Yourself About CSA Quickstart:

When does the course start and finish?

The course is ready for you now! As soon as you enroll, you can binge-watch the entire thing. We recommend you work through one module every two weeks. ALSO, don't forget you have access to the course indefinitely, so if you can't get to the sessions right away, they'll be waiting for you whenever you have time.

I'm a brand new farmer. Should I take this course?

We don't typically recommend that first-time farmers start with a CSA. It's best to get some experience growing for other markets before you make the commitment to growing the diverse array of vegetables required for a CSA.

I have no experience with CSA. I'm a total rookie in this area. Is this course still right for me?

If you already decided you want to start a CSA this year, then this course is exactly what you need. In fact, we designed this course FOR YOU. You’ll get the overall framework for logistics, how to plant, harvest, pack, dispense/deliver, and care for your customers so they turn into raving fans of CSA. If you were going to do it anyway, then let us be your guide so you do it the right way. Because we know starting a CSA can feel overwhelming, we’re going to give you as many done-for-you services as we can -- like our newsletter template, the box planner, customer onboarding emails, what to teach your customers, and more.

I already have a CSA and it didn't do too well last year. Is this course for me?

Possibly. Although some of the material will likely be information you already know, you can always gain new insights on how to build your CSA systems to work more efficiently and consistently. By learning the CSA framework from the beginning, you will likely identify the gaps that are tripping you up and uncover ideas for how to fix them.

What if I'm a meat or flower CSA farm. Is this course for me?

Honestly, probably not. Some of the principles overlap for sure! But most of the content is designed to help a vegetable farmer start a vegetable CSA. This may be something we add in the future though!

I can’t afford it. Is the course really worth it?

Well, you could probably find a lot of this stuff we teach for free if you want to take the time to hunt around for it on Google, blogs, FB groups, podcasts, and YouTube. Ask yourself how valuable your time is. I know it's not cheap, but it's far cheaper than the alternative. Just consider how much time and money you will save by avoiding the big mistakes that come from inexperience and not knowing what can happen. We also believe that when you invest in something, you’re more likely to see it through.

What if I decide it’s too much work after all, and that I’m not a good fit?

Try it out risk-free with our 30 day money back guarantee. You have 30 days after the time you enroll to ask for a refund. If you ask us within that 30 day window, we’ll give it all back. That's ZERO risk for you.

How much time will this take? I'm not sure I have the time right now.

We estimate 5-10 hours a week for 60 days. We created this program to help you save time trying to piece-meal the solution together from all over the internet. There's a lot of content in the course! Some students only work through a few of the modules where they need extra support their first year, and then go back the next year to add on another layer. Remember, you get lifetime access to the course and all future updates, so you can keep tweaking and optimizing your CSA for years to come.

When are the bonuses released?

Bonuses are ready for you to use as soon as you join our course!

Are you covering how to specifically grow every vegetable?

No. This is not a course where we teach you production techniques. (JM Fortier's course is great for that!) The CSA Quickstart program is designed to give you the planning framework, overarching systems and strategies that you can then execute as the season unfolds. We don't typically recommend that first-time farmers start with a CSA. It's best to get some experience growing for markets before you make the commitment to grow all kinds of veggie mixes for a CSA. The farmers who find the most success taking this course and starting their CSA are experienced growers.

When will I get access to the course and bonuses?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive access to the entire course content. The bonus access may take 24 hours to appear in your account. It will appear as a separate "course" in your course library.

What if I try to buy after the deadline? Do I still get the bonuses?

You will still be able to enroll in CSA Quickstart and receive all the foundational elements of the base course. However, the Marketing Toolkit and the Add-On Shares Workshop will not be included. You may purchase the Add-On Share Workshop at a later date, but the CSA Marketing Toolkit is not offered for sale outside of this special offer.

What if you don’t cover a question in the course?

Ask it in the course's private Facebook group! Lauren and Corinna are available via email to answer your questions. For deeper support, you can also schedule a 30 minute private coaching session with either Lauren or Corinna for a separate fee.  

Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

The CSA Quickstart Course includes 5 Video Training Modules, Lauren's Field Planning, Seed Order, and Seeding Chart spreadsheet templates, the printable Course Workbook, Lauren’s "CSA Box Planning Spreadsheet, students and course alumi, Coaching Calls, additional worksheets and resources for each module, lifetime access (including future updates and additions), and email support from course instructors, a Private FB community group for current students, the option to schedule private coaching with Corinna and Lauren (for an additional fee), and these special BONUSES: the CSA Marketing Toolkit, and our training workshop: "The Beginner's Guide to CSA Add-On Shares."


Corinna Bench is an entrepreneur, CSA farmer, speaker, podcaster, consultant, and educator who is committed to helping CSA farmers build CSAs that are profitable and viable for the long-term. Since 2008, she and her husband have been full-time farmers at Shared Legacy Farms in Elmore, OH, and have relied almost exclusively on their 400-member CSA to generate profits and build a life they love.

Corinna is the founder of which is dedicated to helping farmers master the art of messaging and sales for their CSA. She is a promoter of the national CSA movement and serves as a collaborator with the the CSA Innovation Network. She also hosts the My Digital Farmer podcast and the CSA Marketing Discussion Facebook group. Corinna brings her expertise of customer service, logistics, customer onboarding, education, marketing, and sales to the table in CSA Quickstart.

Lauren Rudersdorf is a writer, recipe developer, marketing consultant, and educator obsessed with the CSA model and helping farmers execute it well in order to find more stability, profitability and success on their farms. She is the creator and producer of the video series "CSA Starts Here" and was an organic CSA farmer with her husband Kyle at Raleigh's Hillside Farm for 9 years where she grew their CSA membership from 8 to 380 members in a saturated CSA market.

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